This Blog’s raison d’être

There are millions of blogs published every day in addition to podcasts, traditional media, and social media feeds overwhelming our world with content. So why add my voice to this cacophonous fray? Here is this blog’s raison d’être, it’s reason for being. Given we’re all living the pandemic life for the foreseeable future, I hope the commentary, information, and resources can provide a steady stream of positive coping mechanisms for anyone in need of them. I’ve tailored this space for my current clients so they can get more information on topics we’ve discussed in session and to be empowered in their healing and growth.

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Managing Anxiety Amid Chaos & Crisis

Here is the first in a series of tips for managing anxiety as well as boundaries and roles while our society develops new ways of living to curb the spread of Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19). Remember that anxiety makes us vulnerable to physical disease so please see what works for you to transform that energy into something beneficial. May these inspire you to come up with the best way of navigating through this crisis to the other side.

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Tips on Working From Home

#WFH is the norm for most Americans, and much of the world, as we battle COVID-19. For some, the forced isolation has been a welcome gift, but for many more people it has caused frustration and aggravation. Here are some tips for managing work at home.

Create an At-Home Office
* Create a comfortable space to work even if physical adjustments are necessary. Social media is full of creative ways people have developed to work from home.

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Tips for Couples Living Through a Pandemic

Living with another human being requires compromise, collaboration, and open communication in the best of times. During the lockdown, many are spending more time with their partners than ever before, and the forced intimacy can feel too intense. Here are some tips to increase connection.

*Talk to your partner about what you both would like to do with the increased time. Share expectations for connection and intimacy to avoid disappointment.

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Tips for Parenting in a Pandemic

It may seem too scary to tell your children what’s going on in the world right now much less our own backyards, but the truth is your best ally. Ask your children what they are hearing and if they have any questions. Children usually pick up on more than you expect, and they almost always discern your moods.

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