Native Daughter’s Love Letter to New York

Dear New York,

My heart bleeds with you, being so far from home
As you battle this virus, you’re not alone
Native sons and daughters are sharing your fears
Praying our love can absorb your tears

This is not the first attack on the American soul
Enemies target the heart for the greatest toll
But they overestimate the damage they can do
Because every single time, we’ve made it through

The AIDS crisis stained us with fears of getting sick
So many wonderful lives lost, too big of a hit
Victims were often scorned, blamed, and hated
But finally treatments are working and the stigma has faded

9/11 broke our hearts, we have never been the same
But we mourned together and shared our pain
We rose above despair, politics, and greed
Don’t Let Them Win was a hard-earned creed

Hurricane Sandy tried to drown us, and outages soared
We were stranded for weeks until life was restored
Then came the mortgage crisis and the ghastly recession
When necessity had to become the mother of reinvention

Now this beast is ripping through us with bloody scorn
And the blows keep coming, there’s no time to mourn
We are all in this together, but we aren’t all the same
Let’s change the impact of racism instead of passing on blame

We’re redefining heroes, seeing whose job is essential to all
From healthcare workers to grocery clerks, ready to take the fall
Teachers are worth their weight in gold, but get paid less
These disparities can change once we’re out of this mess

The beast is starting to claw deeper at us down here in DC
So thank you to the Luv Gov and for Brothers Cuomo comedy
One day we will honor our fallen and rebuild, however rough
Because deep inside, that’s where I hope we’re all NY Tough.