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Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

At its core, individual therapy is developing a beneficial relationship with me in order to develop a better, stronger, and more loving relationship with yourself. You may be seeking assistance with specific goals such as to decrease depression, manage anxiety, work through traumatic experiences, or understand conflict in relationships. While there are some conditions that may necessitate only brief therapy, most of my clients choose to go deeper to work on the human condition underlying present struggles. We collaborate on a plan to meet whatever goals you have, even if we need to work on helping you uncover what you really want.

We typically begin with a one-on-one, 60-minute diagnostic session so that we can discuss your needs and whether I am the right fit for you. The relationship with your therapist can be a powerful one, and we find that it is the development of this bond is part of what helps most clients reach their goals. In reparative relationships, we mimic attachment wounds to bring mindfulness to your specific issues so that you can connect deeper with yourself and learn the process of developing deeper, more intimate relationships with others.

While some clients need full-hour sessions, most commit to weekly, 45-minute sessions because consistency makes therapy most effective. After an initial assessment period in which I may ask more questions, we will talk about how to move forward that works best for you and your needs. I believe in the collaborative care model, so with permission I routinely talk to other healthcare providers to give you the best care possible.

As a systematic therapist, individual treatment is informed by attachment, family systems, and minority stress theories of human development. Among the models I use for individual clients include Collaborative Language Systems, Narrative Therapy, systemic Cognitive Behavioral Therapy including Trauma Focused-CBT, Mindfulness, Experiential Therapy, as well as expressive art modalities such as poetry therapy, sand tray, and art therapy.

I am honored by your presence! Please contact me for a free phone consultation if you are considering working with me.